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CONSTITUTION.  1.The Association shall be called The Gravesham Primary Schools Football Association. ( GPSFA.) and shall be affiliated
                              to Kent Schools FA and ESFA.
                           2.The object of The Association shall be the mental, moral and physical development of schoolchildren through the medium of Association football.
                           3.Membership of The Association shall be open to all schools in the Gravesham district.
                           4.An Executive committee shall control affairs of the Association.In order to achieve the objects in rule 2, the Executive
                             committee shall have power to obtain funds by way of affiliation and competition fees.All momey raised shall further the object of the Association,nothing else.
                           5.An Honorary Vice-Presidency of The association may be conferred on any individual who has rendered meritorious
                              service to the Association.
                           6.Officers of the Asociation shall be a Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary,Treasurer and a CWO, all of whom shall be
                              elected annually at the AGM, together with team manager and committee members.
                           7.The AGM shall be held in May.Rules can only be altered by a resolution carried by the majority present.
                           8.The affiliation and competition fees shall be determined by The Executive.THe financial year shall be from 1st may to 30th April
                           9.The Secretary shall convene a Special General meeting at any time on receiving a request stating objects of the meeting
                              and signed by no less than six affiliated schools.Alternatively, the Secretary shall convene a SGM should the Executive
                              deem it necessary.Such meetings shall be held within 28 days of receiving the request.
                           10.For the transaction of business at a SGM four members shall form a quorum.At an Executive meeting three members
                               shall form a quorum.The Chairman or person presiding at any meeting shall have a second or casting vote if necessary.
                               The Secretary will ensure that minutes are kept of all meetings.
                            11.The rules of all competitions arranged by the Association shall be published.
                            12.Affiliated schools shall only compete in competitions approved by the Executive.No school shall be registered by more
                                than one District Association.Every school is responsible to KSFA for the actions of its players, officials and spectators.
                             13.All affiliated schools should make players available for District selection, and, if possible, their pitches and facilities
                                 available to GPSFA on request.Players selected to represent the District should abide by the requirements of the GPSFA.
                             14.Schools that fail to satisfactorily attend to to the business of the GPSFA shall be dealt with under discretionary powers
                                  of the Executive.
                             15.The Association may be dissolved by a two thirds majority of those present. at an SGM meeting called for the purpose.Instructions may be given for the disposal
                                  of assets held by the GPSFA.Any property remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be transferred to other charitable institutions having
                                  objects similar to those of our |Association.If provision cannot be made, then to some other charitable purpose.


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